We do it differentlyWelcome to the Hetvoor Group website.

Welcome to the world of Hetvoor Group.

Our goal was to combine honest craftsmanship, modern design and technological sophistication offered to us by partners from abroad.

Our field is gas fireplaces, air conditioning, own production of gas burners, metal production, charging stations for electric cars.

We connect the manufacturer with the customer.

New distribution platform

The idea was born to establish the Hetvoor Group, thanks to which we can offer our customers a wide range of products.

Over time, it became necessary to separate retail from wholesale. We started to fully implement this in 2019, when we founded the Hetvoor Group, which specializes only in wholesale and development projects.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide customers with quality services and products along with a vision of sustainability. That is why we have decided to combine all our previous experience with sales, assembly, service and production at Hetvoor Group.

We believe that we are still doing well ....

Hetvoor Group Inc., Headquarters, showroom, sample store, warehouses.

Street: Okružní 781, ZIP CODE 250 81, City: Nehvizdy, Region: Praha east, Europe.

Tax identification number: CZ07273681, IČ:07273681

english tel.: +420 777 714 718 Mgr. Zdeňka Raab

czech tel.: + 420 723 650 004 Richard Raab